Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tamworth Opening - Part 2

Anton Veenstra, detail of Sailor Boy, 2011

Lucy Irvine, detail of Continuous Interruptions, 2011

Michele Elliot, detail of hemispheres: drawn to you still, 2011

Meredith Hughes, Mantra, 2011

Meredith Hughes, Portal, 2011

Carly Scoufos, detail of Panels from the Interlaced Manuscript, 2011

Tania Spencer, Would you like some cake?, 2011

Julie Montgarrett, if 'if' is a question, these are the answers, 2011

Esther Paleologos, Framework, 2011(detail)

Esther Paleologos, Framework, 2011(detail)

The beautiful shadows cast by Esther Paleologos', Framework, 2011(detail)

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