Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Take you on a tour: Montevideo to Minas

Roadside beauty salon

Roadside bakery offering the typical 'bizcochos' which are small croissant like pastries

Signboard advertising sale of log wood for parillas (bbq's), there is also graffiti
in the background in support of one of the main national teams Peñarol or Manya

The 'Disco' is one of the most common supermarket chains, similar to Coles or Woolworths

Political party murals such as these are very common, painted signs are also used by businesses

More political murals and banners near a public park

Many street corners are taken up by pizzeria bars and diner style cafes

1 comment:

  1. I really love Uruguay, I can't xplain all the poor and beauty from this little Country!

    Ich liebe Uruguay, ich kann nicht sagen wie schön ist dort, es ist "mix" auf schönheint und armut. Aber es ist eines überhaupt schönes Land!