Monday, February 14, 2011


(Thank you)/Special Services

For rent/in an instant

More secure/More of More/Free gift

At the best price/Jackpots today

Our pride


Nearest you always

When I travel I feel very conscious of the fact that at some point in the trip, I have crossed from one place to another. The difference having crossed a border isn't always immediately recognisable until you get off the bus, plane or boat. I have been criss-crossing many borders lately, mostly by bus and on each trip I have been taking photos of the road and signs. There is always a similar pattern, we tend to leave from an urban area and the further we go the more sparse the buildings and houses become, the signs larger and or small and rustic. People must think I'm crazy taking photos from inside the bus. Most travellers just sleep or talk to each other or even listen to music with their earphones plugged in. Most of the bus trips I've taken last from between 2 hours to 10 or more hours travelling overnight. No one seems to care about the journey in-between, its all about how to pass the time until the destination is reached. Sometimes, I enjoy the 'boring' part in-between more. Could be because the getting on the bus or getting off on time or making sure you are on the right bus or having to go through customs or find seats tends to stress me out a bit. I much prefer the part where once you are in your seat you can relax and just look out the window.

Looking back on all my photos from the bus trips I started to copy some of the text on road signs, murals and posters. This started the Signposts/Letreros series above. They seem to form a nice little narrative as a collection. Looked at together they give an insight into some of the social preoccupations in South America; housing, cost of living, politics and personal security.

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signpost |ˈsīnˌpōst|
a sign giving information such as the direction and distance to a nearby town, typically found at a crossroads.
figurative something that acts as guidance or a clue to an unclear or complicated issue : there are few unambiguous signposts for doctors facing ethical issues.
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