Thursday, August 30, 2012

Post solo

Here are the installation images from my solo show at Gallerysmith back in March this year.  The work was the culmination of research completed as part of my Master of Fine Arts degree.  In many ways the Mellorado exhibition gave me some closure on some aspects of my practice and this has now paved the way for new, I would say riskier work.  I think the biggest shift has come in my desire to work more in installation, the arrangement of the works within the space, inviting an element of audience interaction and the ability to connect with the works from different vantage points.  

Its been a little challenging working out in which direction to go since Mellorado.  I've been allowing myself to sample and experiment widely, to do some small projects and develop starting points for new work. In practical terms its meant going back to exploring collage with paper and cloth, a new series of self portraits and  a return to zine making.  At the moment I'm working on getting together some exhibition proposals, I would really love to exhibit more in Sydney  and look at interstate exhibition spaces - Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne are on the radar! 

Currently I have some work in the Feminage show at Cross Art Projects and will be in another group exhibition at the Manly Quarantine Station on 16 September - will post more on this soon.

All images by Armelle Habib Photography

Mellorado - installation view 

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