Thursday, November 26, 2009

Rebirth, Gallerysmith. Paper objects (December 2008)

Book Urchin. Approx 6cm diameter, 5cm high unframed. Encased in perspex cube

The Poetics of Colour. Approx 11.5cm diameter, 5cm high
Great Narratives. 15cm diameter, 3.5cm high.
Jezebel I. 11cm diameter, 2.4cm high.
Race and Darwinism. 12cm diameter, 2.5cm high.

For the end of year Gallerysmith group show I exhibited a series of paper objects made from various books and papers. The texts used include The Painted Queen by Olga Hesky based on the old testament and the life of Jezebel and range of other texts by Jeremy Bentham, Abigail Solomon-Godeau and Michel Foucault.

Each paper object is individually housed in a clear perspex custom built circular case. Some can be displayed flat on a tabletop or can be hung directly on to the wall.

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