Thursday, October 15, 2009

La Rambla (The Promenade), 2008

La Rambla (The Promenade), 2008. Collage/hand cut inkjet prints. Unique state. Series of 6. Each 25 x 20cm

When surveyed, Uruguayans responded that the most iconic and culturally defining urban site was the Rambla or the Promenade. When I returned to Uruguay for a holiday after a ten year absence, I took a series of images at the Rambla. The resulting body of work makes use of a selection of these images to form the filling for the inside of my gaping mouth. My mouth is not only the site from where I express my native language of castellano but it also becomes a site where I physically ingest cultural experience, through food and drink. La Rambla is an attempt to connect with my cultural heritage and explore the strong ties between identity and place.

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